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Divine Nation



A series of digital images and photo manipulations by RISE Design Studio, inspired by Africa.



boyfriend told me he hates me and he’s sick of me and that he never wants to see me or hear from me again and then my mom screamed at me for being a useless disappointing asshole who’s never going to amount to anything and i wasted all of her money on a big mistake and i have no close friends or family or any sort of support in my life so im just sort of writing it on tumblr to vent even though no one cares though i know im sorry just ignore this

Yo look, fuck everybody that makes you feel like that. On the cool tip, your mom’s a piece of shit. No one should ever be told that and that fact that it came from her is even worse. I know it’s easier said than done but let shit like that go in one ear and out the other and find a way to vent. Write hate letters to the people who make you feel bad and then burn it, cry, scream, or tell them the fuck off. But you have to let people know that you’re not gonna take shit from them anymore.


i wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a bad bitch i’m more of a moderately mean young lady


Yesterday I was talking with this white guy I’ve known for almost 6 years. We were talking about dates, fuck buddies, etc. and it came to the topic of why I hadn’t lost my virginity yet. I told him my reasons and he goes on to say “well, if I were into black girls I would help you out”. With this…

We’d all be pretty fucked if those Facebook Crush Stalker things really worked.

I just recently watched the 1D movie and I cried like a little bitch the entire time because that’s my life. I grew up right along with them and it’s just amazing to see how far they’ve come. I’m a proud mother goose. :’)

Hello! -w- Can you do a drawing of Liam's hair evolution? :D please >w<



puberty hit well